Wednesday, February 24, 2010


College life is full of amusement and excitement. Generically speaking, different people have different ways of expressing their ecstasy. People say that a person sometimes tends to forget the help rendered but never forget a wallop or whipping received. Students studying in colleges express their joy by clobbering their friends at their back continuously until they are pleased with their performance (HE HE). What a style of expressing happiness!! Jokes apart, this issue may seem to be innocuous. But this is a significant area of concern. Usually students whack their friends at their back. There are cases where students have seriously bruised their back bone and required surgery. Is this what the students require? Usually when a person accomplishes a feat or on his/her birthday, he is given “bumps” i.e he/she is beaten up. Is this the treatment he/she deserves? Yes, college life must be relished. But there must be a sensible way of rejoicing. Anyways, every person must enjoy the college life to the maximum extent as this can never be brought back. When we grow old, we tend to have the reminiscence of the past and such memories (including the bumps) will be sweet and pleasant.

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