Monday, April 12, 2010


The most debated issue of the yesteryear was the fact that “CAT EXAM GOES ONLINE”. There is an indirect advantage in conducting exams online. With around two lakhs students attending the exam around 200 trees have been saved. This saves the earth from global warming which is the patent reason for the global rise in temperature. It is scientifically proven that a tree provides oxygen sufficient for a family of four. This is one point of view. The other point of view is that moving to online exams will also give more prominence to objective type questions and hence it will help us to bring out students with conceptual skill than students whose knowledge is confined to books. Also by conducting online exams, we can take the educational system equivalent to that of western countries which honor pragmatic excellence. Though we are aware of the technical glitches that can arise out of it, it can be solved with the same technology itself. Online exams in the primary stage of education can bring the transition in them and will aid them to turn to child prodigies.
(This article was published in P3 MAIL dated 24-4-2010)