Wednesday, February 24, 2010


College life is full of amusement and excitement. Generically speaking, different people have different ways of expressing their ecstasy. People say that a person sometimes tends to forget the help rendered but never forget a wallop or whipping received. Students studying in colleges express their joy by clobbering their friends at their back continuously until they are pleased with their performance (HE HE). What a style of expressing happiness!! Jokes apart, this issue may seem to be innocuous. But this is a significant area of concern. Usually students whack their friends at their back. There are cases where students have seriously bruised their back bone and required surgery. Is this what the students require? Usually when a person accomplishes a feat or on his/her birthday, he is given “bumps” i.e he/she is beaten up. Is this the treatment he/she deserves? Yes, college life must be relished. But there must be a sensible way of rejoicing. Anyways, every person must enjoy the college life to the maximum extent as this can never be brought back. When we grow old, we tend to have the reminiscence of the past and such memories (including the bumps) will be sweet and pleasant.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


It is well known that the quality of food people consume today has deteriorated. This has turned out to be the principal rationale for the outburst of copious ailments. Scientists have found medicines to cure these ailments but no medicine has been discovered by them to shun them. But today a universal medication to cure all kinds of diseases is available. It is nothing but laughter. Laughter not only prompts people to accost you but also has other in-built advantages. Laughter helps us to chuck out strain and it is scientifically proven that laughter has the capability to alleviate corporal and mental agony in case of any injury or stress or hullabaloo. Laughter is a must for people who involve in drudgery. Their stress level can be diminished by laughter. Today, many TV programs that stimulate mirth are being telecasted which are desirable for children to reduce exam stress and adults to reduce work stress. Such programs must be fortified by the people and people must make it a perfunctory action to savor fun, amusement and recreation.
(This article was published in P3 mail dated 27-03-2010)

Monday, February 15, 2010


In earlier days, seeing a tiger, prima facie, a feeling of trepidation arose. But now, a glimpse of a tiger arouses a feeling of compassion and sympathy. Human beings are the most self-centered thinkers. To be very honest, human being, with an attitude of dominating the entire world, tries to enslave all the other creatures in the globe. Bacteria and viruses are the only two creatures that humans could not enslave! As we read the news about the dwindling count of the Tigers in the world, we express our commiseration towards that and forget it in a jiffy. The count of these poor wild cats is slowly ebbing away. Human beings may be rational enough to create Tigers through cloning (a Tolly may be created just like Dolly! he he). But clones are never a supernumerary for genuine ones. Tigers are invaluable bounties given by nature to us. Let us make sure that our progression does not hinder the survival of the wild cats. Instead of trying to harness the animals let us try to live in harmony with them and create a world of peace and prosperity.
(This article was published in P3 mail dated 24-04-2010)