Friday, June 11, 2010


We all live in a country which craves for attaining a developed state. But, to be very honest, we still have not understood an important requisite for progress. It is nothing but “maintenance”. Our country has always been a connoisseur in exploiting the available entities and mismanaging things from time immemorial. Apt examples for such places are the RTO Office and the Regional Passport Office. In our country, all the places where the luminaries gather are air-conditioned, where as the places where common people gather are sweaty where we could hardly see a fan.

Especially in the places mentioned above, we can see a lot of bewilderment and spats. This is mainly because there is no one to question the government offices. Also it becomes mandatory for people to ingratiate officers in those places. Else these officers are bound to retaliate not by causing any personal harm, but by not moving their files. Another appropriate example is the “Taj Mahal”. This magnum opus is facing mishandling to the core. After the last piece of marble in Taj Mahal wrecks due to pollution and mismanagement, people of this vast country will resent for losing such a work of art!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today, amusement comprises a major portion of everybody’s life. One of the burning issues today is dearth of natural resources. One such resource is petroleum. People are looking for alternative resources but they tend to forget that they can still save petrol. There is one solution for this but the implementation of this salvation process depends on the cooperation of the people. The solution is to stop or at least reduce the racing conducted solely for entertainment purpose. Western countries spend tonnes of petrol every day for racing because of the craze that they have for that sport. Race fuel consumption rate is normally around 75 liters per 100 kilometers (absolutely ridiculous isn’t it!!). In earlier days, any sport that involved only people and no machines were endorsed.

But today, due to precipitous enhancement in technology, many aristocratic, sophisticated sports have been introduced. Leaving sports aside, people have started savoring such sports solely for entertainment purpose. Instead of bike or car racing, cycle racing can be promoted. This indirectly avoids pollution and promotes good health. Once an initial step is taken, people will soon understand the importance of such an action and will extend their patronage with amazing celerity. Generically speaking, any sport activity that leads to the wastage of petrol must be prohibited. Though this is not practically facile, efforts can be taken to slowly control the quantity of petrol used for that purpose. If this is done there will be something left for the future generations to savor.