Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The financial crisis India is facing has always been a burning issue over a long period of time. People say ironically "India is poor, but Indian politicians are not". Are the politicians perspicacious enough to manage the amount of money that they spend for the people(though not a huge sum, he he!!). In short they are"penny wise and pound foolish". The amount of money they squander on the cutouts is enormous. As soon as the polls are round the corner and they smell an imminent defeat, they try to entice people and elude the defeat. The principal problem with the people is that they are not great visionaries.

They prefer to avoid instantaneous difficulties but do not think of the problems that they will be facing in the long run. One thing that confounds me is that as soon as the politicians win a poll they start doing service to the mob in such a frenetic pace that they don't even find time to visit the places that they visited while canvassing for the elections. They woo, solicit, sometimes even coerce people to vote for them(to serve them). Even if they don't spend a huge sum for good cause they must learn to manage that trifling amount effectively. This to a certain extent 'sweeten the pill' and help people recuperate from the shackles of poverty.
-Preetham Srinivasan

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The standard of English used today is violating the conventions of the language..

Languages such as English are often vitiated by foreign speakers of the language. People have the tendency to transform any foreign language to the style of their vernacular language. English is more than just a communication tool. Erudite scholars of English are those who not only use language to convey their opinions but also embellish the language with flowery words that delights the people. Now-a-days erroneous language has become difficult to ascertain. Even clairvoyant people find it very complicated. This is because of the fluency that people have attained through frequent touch with the language. Today, we can hardly see a language that was used by bucolic poets, who exemplified all the qualities of a great poet a number of decades before. Scholars who have achieved numerous accolades for their language are acutely worried about the mutilation that the English language has confronted. Even trivial changes in the sequence of words in a sentence can impair its gist. Very few magazines adhere to conventions of the language. Flamboyant writing always has its significance. But presence of chaos in the language makes the kernel of the language incomprehensible. Hence the power of the English must be properly utilized to make communication more effective.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reason 4 failure

The reason for failure is,

Success is often at our feet.
The problem is that we feel lazy to bend...
True isnt it?