Sunday, January 10, 2010


People of today dislike monotonous music irrespective of the language and they expect a concoction of different types of music. Now let me throw light on tamil. Also the eminent poets and writers are running out of words in this vast language with myriad words in it. Proponents of remix are greeted today with bunch of roses. But should they be really encouraged? Maestros of music have expressed their opinions that "familiarity breeds contempt". Adversaries of remix accuse proponents of music that "for them, the grass is always greener on the other side!". They are cock sure that people will come out of this snare.
One needs a lot of courage to do a remix. The main drawback of remix is that these songs, though they capture people's heart in a frenetic pace, they fail to make an enduring impact in the hearts of people. These doughty connoisseurs of remix are extremely assertive that people will definitely extend their support to pioneers to provide more groundbreaking creations. Holus-bolus, we can come to the conclusion that music is meant for savoring. People must come forward to encourage all sorts of innovative ideas but must make sure that this newfangled idea does not eradicate the pristine, age-old form of music.

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